Keelan Kennoy

Education Officer

Keelan is the returning Students’ Union Vice President/Education Officer for the 2021/2022 academic year. Keelan is from The Second Sea Road located just outside Sligo town. Keelan was also the Education Officer for the Student’s Union last year and worked in the midst of Covid-19 for the students. He has graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business with Sport and has recently completed his Honours degree in Marketing. Keelan has also been a Class Rep in his first and second of study.

He will be responsible for the general education affairs of all students in IT Sligo and is responsible for Class Representative recruitment and the development and maintenance of an effective Student Representative Council (SRC). Keelan will be sitting in on a number of meetings in the college including Academic Council. As Vice President/Education Officer Keelan will plan and coordinate all Union education campaigns and promote all Education Union Policy throughout the college.

You can contact Keelan on the details below or you can drop by his office in the Student Centre.

Keelan Keenoy

Education Officer


Telephone: 0719141887

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