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IT Sligo Students mark World Mental Health Week

Launch of Lifting the Silence video on World Mental Health Day

To mark World Mental Week (7th – 101th of October) students of IT Sligo took part in the Lifting the Silence Campaign spearheaded by IT Sligo Students’ Union Welfare Officer Tara Ní Raghallaigh and assisted by Healthy Campus coordinator Yvonne Rouche.

The aim of the Lifting the Silence Campaign was to lift the silence around mental health by “Connecting” with yourself and taking time to assess your own mental health, by “Reaching Out” and speak to others be it friends, family or a colleague and finally by “Linking Up” with services here in the Institute as well locally and nationally.

A variety of activities where ran in the college during the week such as Connect Cafés where students and staff could come and meet and chat and share a free coffee, Odd Socks Day where we encourage people to wear odd socks and raise money for North West Stop, Little Things Campaign where student discussed the little things they do to help with their mental health in addition to physical activity sessions on the Main Concourse. During the week a large number of students participated in the 5000 steps to wellness walk to create the link between physical activity and positive mental health.

IT Sligo Welfare Officer, Tara Ní Raghallaigh said; 

We all need to come together and work together to provide people with the voice and opportunity to know that they can reach out and speak up. Too many people’s lives have been lost and as a welfare officer I will continue to lobby the government for more investments into the Mental Health Services in this Country but to keep spreading the message to people that it is okay not to be okay and then they can lift the silence on their mental health.

Mental Health is such an important topic that we all should be talking about. I hope it doesn’t just stop after this week let’s keep connecting with ourselves, connecting with services and lifting the silence on mental health. #LiftingTheSilence

For more information please visit www.facebook.com/itsligosu

For more information please contact:

Tara Ni Raghallaigh – ITSSU Welfare Officer – welfare@atusu.ie – 0867946672


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